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Panasonic SR-JHS10

Capacity: (5.5 cups) 220Volts
The heat convection of fine bubbles caused by the diamond reinforced fluorocarbon resin coating heats each individual grain of rice. The outer side coat including copper microparticles keeps rice warm.
Panasonic SR-JHS10
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    Panasonic IH Electronic Rice Cooker 1.0L (5.5CUP) SR-JHS10 220V Power 220V Japan New

  • Condition: Brand New
    Brand: Panasonic
    Country of origin: Japan
    Part number: SR-JHS10
    Capacity: 1.0L (5.5) (1 ~ 5Cup)
    Overseas use microcomputer 1.0L IH rice cooker, diamond fluorine processing Dokama
    High thermal conductivity "5 Sokama" diamond particle coating
    White rice, sprouted brown rice, brown rice, steamed rice, cooked, steamed Supports
    Accessories: Steaming basket measuring cup, rice scoop

      * Overseas (220V / 50Hz) only. Not possible to use it in the               230-240V region.
    ● I support into an outlet on a SE plug.
    ● manual English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
    ● mainly available country (220V region) Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Spain, Denmark, etc. Europe. China, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, etc. Asia Middle East region. Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Tunisia, etc. Africa.
    * No electrical specifications are standardized as Japan abroad, requires a separate plug in some areas there is a case where the shape of the voltage and plug different even in the same country.

    * The color of the actual products may be slightly different from that of the images on this web site.

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