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shopping guide(お買い物ガイド)

Payment Method(お支払い方法)

Cash on delivery (COD)商品代引き Please pay the courier (Yu-Pack Service) at the time of delivery.商品お届け時に宅配業者(ゆうパック)にお支払いください。
Bank Transfer銀行振込 Bank: MUFG Branch: Akihabara Eki Mae (666) Account Number: 3959504■  三菱東京UFJ銀行  秋葉原駅前支店(666)  普通口座  3959504
Post Office Bank Transfer郵便振込 Post Office Branch Number: 018 Account Number 88892651ゆうちょ銀行  店番 018  普通 88892651

Delivery Method(配送方法)

Courier宅配業者 Yu-Pack (Post Office)
Kuroneko, Yamato, Other Courierゆうパック
クロネコヤマト宅急便 他

Delivery Fee / Handling Fee(送料・代引き手数料)

Delivery Fee送料 ¥500 all-over Japan (tax included)
In case of Okinawa and far-flung island, please call us.全国一律500円(税込)
Cash on delivery Handling Fee代引き手数料 ¥300 (tax included)
applicable if you choose by COD payment300円(税込)
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